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When aiming at expanding your customer base, you can utilize different techniques. One of them is the so-called pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Everything works in a simple way — you pay some money for clicks on your ad. While this is an effective way to boost incomes, it is essential to know possible problems leading to greater expenses rather than larger revenue.

It is important to apply an individual approach, taking into account the specifics of your audience. However, some AdWords tips can be applied regardless of business type and size. In this article, we have collected interesting Google Ads tips, and you should adopt at least some of them if looking for a cost-effective and time-efficient way to boost business growth. 

Initial Info on Google AdWords

It is an advertising platform, enabling its users to choose a certain Google network to target people.

The search-focused part allows showing ads to people typing previously specified words. For example, if you have an Italian restaurant in NY, your ads will be shown to the public looking for a similar venue in the same location.

As for the display-based part, it saves from waiting until people start looking for a product offered by you – instead, you can gain their interest by displaying your ad.

While featuring significant differences, they both come with a bidding system to allow bidding for displaying ads to an audience. The PPC platform developed by Google is the most much-in-demand among US users, so it surely makes sense to find out a few helpful AdWords tips.

Thanks to designing a proper PPC campaign, you will be able to boost brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and generate more income. So, why exactly do you need to know our Google Ads tips? You will be charged for every click, so the goal is to ensure that this clicking will lead to generating income.

Tip #1 — Optimizing All Negative Keywords

They are utilized for targeting a more specific audience. You create a list of words, which, when appearing among those typed by a customer in the engine’s search box, prevent your ad from being demonstrated to him or her. For instance, you sell clothes but do not want an ad to be displayed for those who insert the word “free” in their search (like “free clothes”). Even if all other words match those specified by you, the single word “free” will not let your ad to be observed.

Thus, such words are aimed at specifying what products or services are not provided, so that you could hit the right audience without attracting those who do not fit this category. Such simple yet useful AdWords tips allow saving a bunch of money.

Tip #2 — Preparing a Good Destination Page

After clicking an ad, a customer is directed to a destination (landing) page. And your goal does not center around making him or her click but on getting them interested in what you offer. Therefore, this page’s content should match the info obtained by the customer from the ad but needs to be complemented with more in-depth details on your product and brand, such as a brief history, detailed product description, customer reviews, follower counts, and whatever else to make the customers engaged.

Tip #3 — Getting Rid of Identical Keywords

Those are the same words or phrases incorporated in several ads. Many people believe that it is not necessary to get rid of them, but they put a foot wrong. Such an approach will eat the quality score and may lead to greater bids. Also, if ads do not contain duplicated keywords, this makes it easier to conduct an analysis of the effectiveness of your campaign.

Tip #4 — Track the Quality Score

Monitoring the quality of keywords is crucial for boosting efficiency and decreasing expenses. This metric is utilized not only by Google but by a range of other big search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. Its main purpose is to make sure that users gain the best possible experience. The Quality Score depends on a large variety of factors, covering CTR, quality of a destination page, geotargeting, and others. In simple words, cost-per-click (CPC) and ad ranking depend on it. If revealing that an ad comes with a low score, you should analyze the situation and make necessary changes to improve it. So, set corresponding reminders in your calendar to keep your fingers on the pulse. 

Tip #5 — Targeting Customers of Your Competitors

One of our Google Ads tips is related to bidding on the brand you compete with. The main idea behind this approach is to present your ad to those actually shopping for the competitor. However, it is important to follow certain rules set by Google; otherwise, you will get yourself into trouble instead of achieving your goal.

Tip #6 — Use Ad Extensions

The next of our Google Ads tips is about providing your customers with more helpful info. These are additional pieces of information about your business or product that can be added to the ad text. Such extensions include your ratings, contact details, location of your company, and others.

Tip #7 — Determining the Best Keywords Match

The seventh of our AdWords tips is about paying enough attention to picking a pointful match type for keywords. When someone is hunting for something using Google, the auction system decides on whether it fits your words and phrases or not. By selecting germane words, you can reach a potential customer easier. It is possible to choose a helpful matching tool. Below, you will find more info on that.

Broad Match

It serves for matching customer inquiries to any of your previously specified words in any order. Also, it is possible to embrace synonyms. For instance, your ads with the keyword “freezer repair service” will be shown to people writing something like “repair service refrigerator.”

Altered Broad Match

Those are modified matches serving to specify words that should be essentially included during searches. You can indicate those words by adding the plus sign in front of them. For example, if you have keywords “blue t-shirt men LA,” add plus to indicate essential words, such as “blue +t-shirt +men LA.”

Phrase Match

Quotation marks are used in the Google search engine to specify exact words and their orders. When searching for a word-for-word fit, customers take a phrase into the marks. For instance, users can write “cheap flights to London.”  Since the phrase comes in the quotation marks, the users will observe your ads, which contain the same phrase, for instance, “we offer cheap flights to London from any part of the world.”

Exact Match

While it is similar to the above-described phrase match, the search engine also looks for similar rather than exact matches. In this case, the words are taken into square brackets. For example, if you write something like [woman’s black dress], the ad will be revealed to those who type [woman black dress] or [black dress woman].

Tip #8 — Changing Match Type from Time to Time

The next from our helpful AdWords tips is about the necessity to revise match types of your keywords every now and then. It is a good idea to set the broad type for a start, but when you have collected more data on what your customers look for, you can plan on changes to target a more specific category of searchers.

Tip #9 — Providing Lots of Info on Your Product

Today, you can take advantage of ads that include expanded text. They add space to providing more info about your product, which increases the chances of targeting potential buyers. If you want to achieve better outcomes from your advertising campaign, convert this opportunity to a strategy along with other AdWords tips.

Tip #10 — Keep the Sizes of Ad Groups Reasonable

If the size of your ad groups gets too large, it is time to think of splitting them into several smaller groups. The basic AdWords tips regarding this matter are as follows:

  • Create a maximum of 10 ad groups per a single campaign;
  • Include no more than 20 keywords per each ad group;
  • Each ad group should include no more than 3 ads. 

Following these simple recommendations will lead to achieving much better results with your advertising campaign.

Tip #11 — Focus on Certain Locations

When implementing Google Ads tips, do not forget about targeting certain locations. It is particularly important for companies that have land-based offices. However, those operating online can also benefit from this approach. If you believe that you have greater chances to find customers in a particular area, apply this knowledge when designing your campaign. Moreover, geotargeting offer a means of taking into account various temporary factors, such as season, weather, customer preferences, and others.

Tip #12 — Mind Mobile Users

AdWords tips are not only for those using the desktop but also for mobile users. More and more people prefer to use services on the go, including searching for products and purchasing them. So, if you want to expand your audience, it is recommended to think through your mobile PPC strategy. For this purpose, do not hesitate to turn to an enhanced campaign launched by Google.

Tip #13 — Get Rid of Ineffective Ads

It takes time to understand what works well and what is better to be removed. Upon finding that some of your ads are useless, you should remove them. Otherwise, you will have to pay for them from time to time without gaining the expected result.

There are different methods to determine the most effective and useful ads, and click-through rate (CTR) is definitely among them. It shows the ratio of those who actually click a link to the number of those who see your ads.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We hope that you have found our Google Ads tips helpful. Also, we recommend visiting the relevant Google Channel and finding more detailed info on how to create a banner, write texts, make a nice image ad, etc. However, if you believe that it takes too much time to design an effective PPC campaign yourself or you do not think that you wish to spend your effort on that, you can always rely on help from our specialists.

We have designed and implemented numerous successful PPC programs, and we are aware of various AdWords tips and tricks to achieve the best possible result at the lowest expenses. We build a trustful relationship with each customer.

During our conversation, you can ask various questions and tell us about your goals, problems, ideas, and so on. Be sure that our experienced specialists will peg away for you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your PPC campaign. Just accept our terms and share access to your Google Ads account with our pros to get the job done flawlessly.

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